Fri. Aug 29 2014

Caution sounded on Fraser sockeye run, as catches lower than expected this week  

Proposal to give Rec Groups five year review of fish allocations a red flag in Begich Magnuson bill

Fresh Alaska halibut scarce on East Coast this year, as Canadian Atlantic Halibut imports increase

Blue North Fisheries hopes Port of Seattle's new CEO continues strong support for fishing industry

Boston Sword and Tuna going all out to get fish back into Market Basket stores quickly

Chinese authorities arrest 6 OSI employees involved in expired meat distribution scandal

Louisiana seeks data from shrimpers on catches of Asian tiger shrimp

Transient Orca sightings set record in Salish Sea this year

NPFMC member Duncan Fields lists seven considerations for any catch share program (Fish Radio)

Feds agree to return $71,500 seized from fishermen's cooperative in South Thomaston, Maine

Scots firm Landcatch takes 45 percent stake in Troutlodge

Egg bearing Female Atlantic Lobster Hauled up in Trap off Vancouver

Sanford and NZ King Salmon converting salmon offcuts into pet food for US market

Spanish researchers working toward commercial full cycle culture of octopuses

Russian authorities inspecting 100 more McDonald's restaurants, more closures possible

Red Lobster to bring back Endless Shrimp starting Sept 1 with more diverse menu

EPA says California’s Delta water diversion tunnel project could violate federal law

Major Russian retail group says salmon and tilapia prices are poised to rise in Sept.

Ben E. Keith Foods & Dot Foods talk about technologies and capabilities at their new facilities

Scottish Salmon Co. posts record first half sales as change to market orientation pays off News Summary Friday August 29, 2014

Thu. Aug 28 2014

High prices and low growth in salmon supply will persist for several more years says Rabobank  

Coast Guard chases illegal fishers in the Gulf, failure to fund port state treaty hurts response

Icon of Alaska oyster industry struggles to make a closed cycle oyster farm work in Prince Wlm Sound

Researchers find Hanasaki (spiny) king crabs are moving eastward into Norton Sound (Fish Radio)

Pew: with the worst fisheries mgt record in the country, New England should not loosen habitat rules

Letters: Crabmeat article made incorrect statements about quality of imports  

Video: Proposed ban on Russian crab could have unintended consequences

US Customs will start collecting duty rate cash deposits from Indian, Thai shrimp exporters today  

Juneau Empire strongly supports calls for US to ban Russian seafood imports

Market Basket deal ends bitter feud, mad rush to restock stores

Russian Sea buys more Chinese, Korean affiliated pollock companies, now by far largest quota holder

Second quarter difficult for most restaurant chains, many faced traffic declines

Alaska judges considering Yup'ik religious appeal of lower Kuskokwim king salmon conviction

Kodiak Alaska fisheries Gubernatorial Debate will be held tonight

NE Atlantic Mackerel stocks at record levels with huge biomass, unprecedented distribution  

Alabama's new red snapper reporting program shows feds grossly overestimated state's June landings

Mekong Delta black tiger shrimp and pangasius production dropped in August  

Chilean halibut aquaculture project ready to move to production trials if funding secured

Former Lyons Seafoods executive Iain Shone hired as GAA's Development Director

NOAA now seeking public comments on final proposal to establish Gulf of Mexico aquaculture standards

U.S. GDP for second quarter revised upward to 4.2 percent News Summary Thursday August 28, 2014

Wed. Aug 27 2014

United Alaska Congressional Delegation urges Obama to ban Russian seafood imports

Imported blue crabmeat shortage sends prices to record highs, US buyers flocking to domestic product  

Cooke returns to salmon processing in Maine, sees uptick in consumer demand for Maine salmon

FDA still reviewing changes made in Linda Bean's lobster processing operations after warning letter

Australia's Ferguson using China's lobster appetite for other trading options as tariffs come down

Marine Harvest says it will rise to challenges of Russian sanctions, sees higher prices by year end

High food prices lead to trade-offs even in upper-income households

Friends of Putin profit from Russia's food import ban

GAA calls on shrimp farmers to complete on-line EMS survey available in 7 languages

Outback re-running Steak and Unlimited Shrimp special, from August 20th

After freshwater walleye gets MSC nod Canadian fishermen frustrated with export barriers

Chesapeake Bay "dead zone" particularly bad this August affecting fish and crabs

Proposal to limit or close Cook Inlet razor clam fishing included in Fish Board's 2014-15 agenda

Salmar puts plans for Chilean salmon venture on hold citing production cost and output concerns  

Dalian shipping fresh seafood in special high-speed refrigerated rail cars to other parts of China

Russia's poor salmon catch this year hampering efforts to find replacement for banned fish

Bristol Bay River Academy gets Western Alaskans jobs as river guides (Fish radio)

Cape Breton Bivalve expanding its mussel farming operation and adding processing line

Japan will try to reinstate Antarctic "research" whaling at upcoming IWC meeting

DFO prepares to tamp down gear conflicts as more PEI fishermen turn to eel harvesting News Summary Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

Tue. Aug 26 2014

S&P Downgrades American Seafood Group, says 'will have difficulty complying with financial covenants

Fraser sockeye run still coming on strong   (1) 

Wegmans to launch own brand of Gulf shrimp as part of promotional campaign with Marketing Coalition News Summary Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

With battle for Market Basket apparently nearly over, can it thrive again? (Opinion)

Apalachicola oyster recovery getting over $6 million in federal disaster funds

Crab poaching by Russians in Japanese EEZ rises rapidly, reflecting more enforcement in Russia

Captain D's strikes two more franchise deals that will open stores in Georgia and Florida

India sets ambitious seafood export target: doubling value in three years to $10 billion

Popeyes ramping up seafood choices as part of successful strategy to differentiate

Ocean acidication poses latest threat to Long Island Sound's shellfish industry

Newfoundland invests in online sea lice monitoring system

Proposals now being sought to gauge economic potential of Alaskan mariculture (Fish Radio)

Russia calls New Zealand's effort to create Ross Sea MPA "territorial games"

Fiji developing snapper fishery as domestic tuna industry struggles

ISSF says Big-eye tuna is experiencing correctable overfishing, not a spiral to disaster  

Japan preparing to propose 50% cut in young tuna catch in Western and Central Pacific  

Burger King will buy Tim Hortons in $11 billion deal

New Ahold USA chief McCann outlines his ambitious "Project Thunder" plans

Terrebone fishermen upset over disruptive seismic survey during shrimp season

Western Pacific Fishery Council calls on President Obama to abandon vast marine monument

Mon. Aug 25 2014 News Summary Monday Aug 25, 2014

Cooked and peeled coldwater shrimp prices hit record highs, based on Icelandic sales data   (1) 

Vietnam's tuna industry learning to get top dollar in Japan  

McDonald's faces 'Millennial' challenge customers in their 20s and 30s are defecting to fast-casual

Letters: Consumer reports did not suggest pregnant women eat less fish

Kotzebue - far above Arctic Circle - sees record chum fishery this year  

Tilapia seedlings in short supply, Hainan hatcheries expanding production by 20%  

Globalpesca's Eduardo Infante says Chile's toothfish management is a disaster  

Long lines and surging interest in imported seafood lead to bare shelves at Shanghai free trade zone

Camanchaca posts $9.3 million in 1H revenue on improved salmon sales, prices and production costs  

Final details of Canadian free trade agreement with EU provide big boost to lobster, seafood exports

Despite some bright spots and exeeding projections, Alaska's salmon numbers far below last year   (1) 

Seafood Expo in Barcelona, now Seafood Expo Southern Europe grows, but no match for Brussels

Methane is seeping from seafloor Off East Coast, scientists say

Cool clean water will be released into lower Klamath to save salmon

Russia to tighten domestic controls on fish prices

We are choking the oceans with plastic (Opinion)

American Heartland Fish Products abandons exporting Asian carp, making meal and oil instead

Faith, grit and resourcefulness keep last boat homeported in Nantucket going

Japan's Fisheries Agency unveils warning system to curb overfishing of bluefin tuna  

Short supply raising shrimp prices in Japan  

Burger King in talks to buy Tim Hortons and form new company based in Canada

Market Basket board calls off crucial Sunday evening meeting

Thai shrimp exporters get final 1.1% duty rate decision from Commerce  

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Caution sounded on Fraser sockeye run, as catches lower than expected this week


Mixed signals regarding the building Fraser River run this week caused some disruption in the fresh sockeye market.

Early in the week, a lower than anticipated catch led to canceling a  purse seine opening- which brings a lot of volume to processors. 
Yet the gillnet fishery also had its first 24 hour opening in five years on Tuesday, followed by another 12 hour opening on Wednesday. The DFO said the 24 hour opening was because  the early summer run sockeye have all passed through the mouth of the Fraser River.
The Fraser River Panel also revised downward...

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Proposal to give Rec Groups five year review of fish allocations a red flag in Begich's Magnuson bill

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton - Aug 29, 2014

One of the big fights over Magnuson reauthorization this year will not be between NGO's and commercial fishermen, but over the attempt by well financed recreational lobbies to undermine catch share programs.
Although not present in the Magnuson langage in the House reauthorization, the draft Senate bill contains a provision that would create a five year review period for all catch allocations in the Gulf and South Atlantic.
Many people in the industry like Begich's draft. Mark Gleason, executive director of the commercial fishing group Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, told Politico it “threads a fine line” on the reallocation issue. Its distinction between environmental issues and overfishing as causes of declining fish populations would be helpful to commercial fishermen, he said.
NGO groups like Oceana also see the Begich draft as the best bill they may get this year.
But others have raised concerns about the recreational fisheries provisions.
In interviews done for a Politico article that said that the recreational groups were hoping to make Magnuson reflect their issues this year, several representatives of the Seafood Harvesters laid our their thoughts.
“If I were a hunter and gatherer, I would not be intimidated by the idea of a five-year reallocation,” said Chris Brown, head of the Seafood Harvesters of America. “But having negotiated the terms of my financial existence ...

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Fresh Alaska halibut scarce on East Coast this year, as Canadian Atlantic Halibut imports increase

SEAFOODNEWS.COM   by John Sackton - August 29, 2014

With the rise in Alaska halibut prices, they are now the close to East Coast Atlantic halibut prices, and as a result, many East Coast buyers are choosing the Atlantics. 
Reports from Fulton market in New York suggest that more companies are sticking with Atlantic Halibut this year; and this is confirmed by reports from Seattle suggesting that sales on the East Coast are shrinking.
Fresh Atlantic halibut is supplied from Canada, and as bycatch from the New England groundfish fleet.   Although current landings and quota data for 2014 are not available, a recent Canadian assessment document found their halibut stocks in good shape, and able to support a fishery on the order of 4,000 tons per year....

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Boston Sword and Tuna going all out to get fish back into Market Basket stores quickly

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] - August 28, 2014 - 

Arthur T. Demoulas, newly reinstalled CEO of the 71 unit Market basket chain, said yesterday he hopes to take less than two weeks to get shelves restocked and stores back to some semblance of normalcy.

Michael Scola, president of Boston Sword and Tuna, Market Basket’s primary seafood vendor, said the company will be making two-a-day deliveries to the chain’s Tewksbury warehouse likely until the middle of next week to catch up. Such shipments typically go out once a day.

The vendor also delivers direct to stores near their South Boston headquarters, and had 16 such deliveries planned for yesterday, Scola said...

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Louisiana seeks data from shrimpers on catches of Asian tiger shrimp

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Associated Presss] - August 29, 2014 -

BATON ROUGE, La., State wildlife and fisheries officials are asking shrimp harvesters to report catches of Asian tiger prawns.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says there is little known about the effects of tiger prawns on indigenous Louisiana shrimp. But, officials say the reports they're seeking will help state biologists monitor the distribution of the prawns and determine the possible presence of spawning populations...

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NPFMC member Duncan Fields lists seven considerations for any catch share program (Fish Radio)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fish Radio with Laine Welch] August 29, 2014 

ike it or not, catch share programs are a preferred tool for federal fishery managers. For any program, seven topics should drive the decisions that will change fisheries forever. A straightforward list has been compiled by Duncan Fields, a lifelong Kodiak fisherman and a North Pacific Council member. Here is a sampler: 

"Issue one: Who gets the fish and why – vessel owners only? Directed species only? Bycatch species only? Would you distribute only by history, if so why, if not, why not. If you distribute only by history, how do you address the concern about rewarding fishermen who have generally fished dirty? Can you talk about equal distribution based on participation?"

The second major question is what kind of access right would be given to the resource. 

Full Story »

Scots firm Landcatch takes 45 percent stake in Troutlodge

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Press and Journal] By Keith Findlay - August 29, 2014 - 

Scots firm Landcatch is taking a 45% stake in US fish breeder Troutlodge, making it the biggest single shareholder.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed when Landcatch and its owner, Netherlands-based Hendrix Genetics, teamed up with Trout-lodge to announce a memorandum of understanding for the deal yesterday.

Landcatch is a leading supplier of Atlantic salmon eggs and juveniles. It also supplies genetic services to the global aquaculture industry.

Landcatch said its “groundbreaking” genetic research had led to technology which could help to protect farmed salmon against the scourge of sea-lice, which cost Scottish fish farmers tens of millions of pounds each year to control. Landcatch and Troutlodge, which is said to be the world’s biggest rainbow trout egg producer, hope their tie-up will lead to a bigger share of the Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout markets.

Full Story »

High prices and low growth in salmon supply will persist for several more years says Rabobank

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton - August 28, 2014

Rabobank has released a new report on the salmon industry written by Gofjan Nikolik, the bank's fishery analsyst.   It is a follow up to the report written in 2011.
Rabobank predicted an unusually persistent 'high cycle' for farmed salmon, in which low growth rates and expanding demand kept prices high, and provided strong profitability for producers in both Norway and Chile.
In the first half of 2014, production growth surged 8%, and prices tumbled...

Full Story »

Spanish researchers working toward commercial full cycle culture of octopuses 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Conservation Media Group] By José Iglesias Estévez - August 29, 2014 - 

(José Iglesias Estévez is the head scientist at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.)

Octopuses grow quickly, have lots of tasty flesh and are found all over the world. As the world’s supply of fish diminishes while the number of humans keeps increasing, it seems these creatures would make an ideal mass-produced food for our hungry mouths.

So where are all the octopus farms? The main thing that prevents octopus farming at large scale is that the common octopus – Octopus vulgaris – is tough to feed in captivity, especially when first born.

Over the past 15 years the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) in Vigo has carried out important and successful research to overcome the problems with octopus cultivation, and the institute is now focused on rearing octopus across a full life cycle – from hatch to catch. In fact they managed to complete full cultivation across the life cycle of several octopuses for the first time ever in 2001...

Full Story »

Red Lobster to bring back Endless Shrimp starting Sept 1 with more diverse menu

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - August 29, 2014

Starting on Labor Day Monday, September 1 Red Lobster will bring back its "Endless Shrimp" promotion that will offer customers six unique varieties to choose from.

The limited time promotion allows guests to order as much shrimp, salad and Cheddar Bay Biscuits they can eat. Customers will be able to mix and match their orders from the most diverse shrimp menu the seafood chain has offered in the history of the promotion...

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Blue North Fisheries hopes Port of Seattle's new CEO continues strong support for fishing industry

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Seattle Times] by Coral Garnick - August 29, 2014

Facing steep global competition and the prospect of collaborating more closely with Tacoma, the Port of Seattle commissioners have tapped a business executive with no shipping or aviation experience as its next chief executive.

The Port announced Wednesday it selected Ted J. Fick, 55, to succeed Tay Yoshitani, who is retiring as CEO next month after seven years.

The commission plans to formally vote on Fick on Sept. 11 and, if approved, he will make $350,000 a year...

Full Story »

Chinese authorities arrest 6 OSI employees involved in expired meat distribution scandal

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Wall Street Journal] by Laruie Burkitt - August 29, 2014

Chinese prosecutors announced Friday the arrest of six OSI Group Inc. employees, more than a month after authorities suspended the U.S. food company's operations there, accusing one of its subsidiaries of selling expired products to fast-food companies.

The six employees were arrested for selling substandard products, the Shanghai Municipal People's Prosecution Service said in a statement on its website. The prosecutors named plant manager Hu Jun as one of the six arrested, and a person who has been advising OSI in China said the six are all Chinese nationals...

Full Story »

Transient Orca sightings set record in Salish Sea this year

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Victoria  Times Colonist] by Amy Smart - Aug 29, 2014

Mark Malleson watched an orca toss a harbour porpoise in the air, leap up and grab it in its mouth, then spit it out, on Wednesday.
Apparently, transient orcas - also known as Bigg's orcas and "the Ts" - like to play with their food.
"Harbour porpoise chases are pretty exciting," said Malleson, a skipper with the Prince of Whales tour company, who also works for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and volunteers with the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island.
Anecdotes like that one are abundant this season. According to the Pacific Whale Watch Association, this summer marks the highest number of transient orca sightings in the Salish Sea..

Full Story »

Feds agree to return $71,500 seized from fishermen's cooperative in South Thomaston, Maine

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Bangor Daily News] By Stephen Betts - August  29, 2014 - 

PORTLAND, Maine, One of the largest fishermen's cooperative in the state will get back $71,500 seized by police during an investigation into the theft of more than $1 million in lobsters.

Attorney George "Toby" Dilworth of Portland said Thursday an agreement in principle has been reached with the U.S. Attorney's Office to return the money to the Spruce Head Fishermen's Cooperative in South Thomaston.  A lawsuit filed by the cooperative last month against the government was dismissed Wednesday.

Dilworth, who represents the cooperative, said the $71,500 was cash seized from the St. George and Rockwood homes of former cooperative manager Robert Thompson and from a safety deposit box Thompson had at a local bank...

Full Story »

Egg bearing Female Atlantic Lobster Hauled up in Trap off Vancouver Island

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Vancouver Sun] by Tiffany Crawford, Larry Pynn  Aug 29, 2014

West Vancouver resident Blair Calkins was prawn fishing on the weekend during an excursion to Bowen Island when he came across an unexpected creature in one of his traps: a large Atlantic female lobster, stuffed with eggs.

Not knowing whether he should release the alien species back into the Pacific, Blair said he called the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on Saturday, but by Tuesday was still waiting for someone to return his call. The lobster is sitting in a tank, and Blair said he will likely release it back on the south end of Bowen Island within the next couple of days, in hopes that it will survive.
"The eggs look pretty ripe," he said. "We were all shocked. We had a couple of people who work in the fish industry on our boat and they were shocked too."
UBC marine biologist and professor of zoology Christopher Harley said occasionally someone will find an Atlantic lobster in the Pacific, but the sightings are rare, and whether there are established populations here remains a mystery.
"Since there are no native lobsters here, they must have been released by somebody," he said. "When you have a combination of live seafood markets and members of the public who feel that it's not fair to the animals, then you have people buying them to set them free."..

Full Story »

Sanford and NZ King Salmon converting salmon offcuts into pet food for US market

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Southland Times] - August 29, 2014 - 

Pet treats made from salmon offcuts from Sanford Ltd's farm on Stewart Island will be launched in the United States next month.

Christchurch-based company K9 Natural has teamed up with Sanford and New Zealand King Salmon to manufacture dog and cat treats from salmon and mussels offcuts.

In a deal brokered by the Marlborough Research Centre through its food and beverage cluster, Sanford was able to grow revenue using mussels and salmon parts that were previously going into compost and landfills.

Made from salmon tails and salmon fins from Sanford's farms in Stewart Island and King Salmon's farms in the Marlborough Sounds and its hatchery in Golden Bay, the products will sell for US$11.99  for a 113-gram bag.

Full Story »

Russian authorities inspecting 100 more McDonald's restaurants, more closures possible

SEAFOODNEWS.COM Bloomberg] By Ilya Khrennikov - August 29, 2014 -

McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) said Russia’s consumer-safety regulator is inspecting more than 100 of its restaurants after the world’s largest fast-food chain by revenue was forced to close 12 locations in the country.

McDonald’s temporarily closed four restaurants in Krasnodar, in southern Russia, on an order from Rospotrebnadzor, as the agency is known, company spokeswoman Svetlana Polyakova says by phone. Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald’s has shut eight other outlets since August 20, including its first and largest location in central Moscow.

The chain, which said it has a total of 440 restaurants in the country, has ...

Full Story »